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Ambience Artistry’s “Love Sexy” showcase featuring Orlando Caquias fashion

July 23rd, 2013

Ambience Artistry’s put on their second showcase event, Love Sexy, and what a fun and exciting time it was. The night featured many performances including belly dancers, fire spinners, burlesque and pole dancers. We had artists painting live portraits as well as live body painting on our Yoga instructor. A fashion show featuring beautiful Orlando Caquias gowns was the main event of the night, and along with styling hair, I also got to walk in the show!


Being the lead hair and makeup artist, I was in charge of organizing my team of artists along with models and performers needing hair and makeup. The most exciting part about organizing the event was the creative aspect of coming up with ideas for hair and makeup that would be fitting for the pieces being shown in the fashion show. First I got to meet with the fabulous fashion designer, Orlando, to see all of the gowns that would be worn for the show as well as being fitted for my gown. I didn’t know which was going be more fun; making the girls looks stunning for the event or walking in my first fashion show! I met with my team of artists with pictures of the gowns and we let our ideas flow coming up with a game plan and a schedule for the event.


The morning of the show I woke up feeling great and eager to get started. I then found out one of my top hair stylists had a family emergency and would not make it to the show. When I first heard the news, I was concerned because of the amount of girls needing hair and makeup in such a short time. But I made the decision that everything would turn out perfectly regardless of being shorthanded! I took on the extra girls for hair, including the host who would need to be ready first and have her hair changed into different styles five times for each dress change. I also did my own hair and makeup for the show.


Sure enough, the night ran super smoothly with each performer and model looking fabulous and being ready on time for their performance. We even managed to fit in hair and makeup on a few girls who weren’t originally on the schedule! I also pulled off a challenging style on my own hair and had a blast walking in the fashion show. All in all it was a great night and I hope to be working with Orlando again in the near future!



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