All About Us

Realizing a Love for Beauty

LaurenHEADSHOT0002Since I was 13 I’ve had a passion for creating masterpieces with hair and enhancing the natural beauty of every woman with makeup. The best part about what I do is seeing the joy on my client’s faces and making each and every one feel beautiful.

I have been behind the chair since 2003 in well-known salons in Bucks County and Philadelphia specializing in up-dos, makeup, hair extensions and hair color. I have also been freelancing since 2005 doing on location weddings, photoshoots and fashion shows. Throughout my time as a hair and makeup artist I have trained with many well-known artists including Charlie Price, Martin Parsons and Paul Mitchel educators. Some of my work can be found on the cover of European Communications Magazine, print ads and TV.

I started this company because I believe that every bride should feel beautiful and special on her wedding day. I also believe that the morning of your wedding should be fun and relaxing, free of stress. I want to give every bride the experience of top notch on-location service so that she can relax and enjoy the day surrounded by her loved ones!

Harmony, Love and Elegance,
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“An up-do is a sculpture… makeup is a delicate painting, each on its own unique canvas.”



About Us

Lauren Stefan, LLC is a group of talented artists who are passionate about making you look beautiful. We are a team of professionals who are always continuing our education to stay on top of the new trends and techniques. We are dedicated to being the best and will strive for nothing less for your event. My team and I will travel to your location for your wedding, photoshoot or event leaving out the hassle of traveling, coordinating schedules and being rushed out of the stylist’s chair. At Lauren Stefan, we bring the salon to you!

By having my hair and makeup team on location at your event, you can be assured that all of our time and focus will be spent on you.  What truly puts us above the rest is our commitment to full service and royal treatment of our brides and their loved ones. This your day to shine, let us pamper you and make you even more beautiful then you already are.

Here are just a few of the benefits of doing business with Lauren Stefan…

No Traveling

We bring the salon to you. Who wants to worry about traffic and the hassle of traveling to and from a salon on your wedding day or any big event? Especially when your event is far from the salon you choose, as many weddings are. My team and I will travel to your location with all of the supplies needed so that you can just sit back, relax and be beautified!

Our time is given only to you

At a salon, you hair and makeup appointments will be scheduled before, after or in between the other clients that the hair or makeup artist has that day. This means that there is a set amount of time for you in their chair. If the stylist is running behind with clients, you will run behind as well. If your style takes longer then the stylist anticipated they will be rushing to get you done and out of the chair so they are not late for their next client. We schedule our whole day with you and will be with you from the beginnings of getting ready until you are dressed and out the door, or through your pictures as well depending on the package you choose.

Our focus is on YOU

At a salon there is always a lot going on. There will be other clients in the salon at the same time that you are there and you will be shuffled around from one seat to another. You never know what you will encounter even in a normally peaceful salon such as running out of bobby pins and little kids running around screaming. Not the type of atmosphere to keep you relaxed before any big event. If something does go wrong at the salon, there are many other clients besides you to be accommodated. With us, you will be in the comfort of the location you choose and surrounded only by your loved ones and your team of artists. We come prepared with all of the tools and products we need to make you picture perfect and off to your event on time with no distractions.

We use only high quality professional products and tools

All of our products are selected to ensure long lasting, clean and beautiful hair and makeup styles .The tools and products used are just as important as technique when it comes to making sure you stay picture perfect through your entire event. Knowing the proper products to use for photography is very important as some foundations and powers will reflect more light making you look washed out in your photographs. The makeup that we use will not only look beautiful and natural in person, but will photograph flawlessly. You will likely be photographed more on your wedding day than any other day of your life and your pictures will last a lifetime. With us, you can feel at ease knowing that your pictures will come back with you looking as radiant as you anticipated.

Talent, Education and Experience

All of our artists have been selected for their talent, experience and passion for their work. In this industry there are always new styles and techniques to learn and we continue to educate ourselves and follow the trends. We can re-create styles from any era or use our creativity to come up with something unique just for you.

Customer Service

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to the highest quality service. We want your day to go as smoothly and stress free as possible and are here to help. All of our hair and makeup packages and styles will be customized to your unique needs and desires. Not only do we bring talent and the best products to you, but we also bring smiles and positive attitudes. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and as beautiful as you look!