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Bridal Workshop with Kell Grace

March 27th, 2014

As a hair and make-up artist there is never a time to stop learning. Like fashion, it is an ever changing industry. Trends change with the years and seasons … new techniques are developed and evolved. This fact is actually one of my favorite parts about what I do – it never gets boring or stagnant … it’s never the same! Over the weekend I attended two amazing bridal workshops at Hope for Beauty with the beautiful and talented Orlando bride specialist, Kell Grace. I am so excited to work the new techniques into my bridal updo’s and teach them to the rest of my talented team! I am also full of new ideas and inspiration … can’t wait to show you all the new fun things to come! ♥

Here is a sneak preview of what I did in class with the new techniques … these were done in under 30 minutes using NO product and NO hot tools; only fingers, comb and pins!



And this is Kell Grace on stage doing a demo for us before starting class! Thanks again Kell 🙂


Harmony, Love & Elegance



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