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Detox and Re-hydrate with Fruit Infused Water

March 4th, 2014

It’s the simplest beauty tip in the book and yet most people don’t do it! So what is the big secret? Drink. More. Water. That’s it! Our body’s are made up of 50-75% water and yet many of us are chronically dehydrated. The bad news is … dehydration = DULL SKIN!!! So why don’t we drink enough water? Sometimes we get too busy and don’t even think to drink anything until we are parched! Then we tend to think we are hungry and feel the urge to eat all day when really, we are just thirsty. And less face it, most people just find water to be BORING.

There are so many drink options out there these day (that have much more flavor than water!) so it’s easy to think we can quench our thirst without water. The problem is that most drinks – including “hydrating” sports drinks, bottled teas and flavored water – contain sugar, caffeine and artificial ingredients. None of these ingredients are good for our skin or hydration!! Caffeine is actually dehydrating and is found in coffee, black and green teas and soda. I am not discounting the health benefits of coffee and teas (in moderate doses), they contain antioxidants that are good for us, but they are not a replacement for water! Sugar, on the other hand, has absolutely no nutritional value and can wreck havoc on our skin.

The solution? Make water more fun!! One way to do this is by making fruit infused water. This one is mango, lime and fresh cilantro … it is a refreshing drink with detoxifying effects. Another great blend for detoxifying is lemon, lime and fresh mint leaves (yum!). You can use any fresh fruits and herbs, slice the fruits and combine your ingredients in a glass, jar or pitcher. You can drink them right away or make them a few hours ahead of time for more flavor. Make a pitcher and it will last a few days! The flavors will be subtle and refreshing, but not sweet … and your body (and skin) will thank you!

I sliced 1/4 cup of mango, 4 thin lime wedges and a few sprigs of cilantro then added the fruit to my jar with water and kept refilling the water all day. I plan on trying many more recipes and will share my favorites with you! What are your favorite infused water blends?


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