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Donna Williams

January 22nd, 2013

“Wow, I love your hair!” – “Excuse me, where do you get your hair done?” These are things people say to me all the time! At least for the last 11 years that Lauren has been styling my hair. I have had my hair long, mid length, short, straight and curly. Lauren has permed my hair many times and people always think my hair is naturally curly, which it was for a short time, when it grew back from chemo 9 years ago. My hair was long before that and I wasn’t sure if I would ever like it short. When I found out I would lose it all, I went to Lauren and had her give me a very short hair style. I loved it and my family told me I never looked so good! When it grew back curly, Lauren kept it looking great and when it went straight she gave me another great style. When I started going grey no one knew, Lauren has kept the color beautiful! Whether my hair is brown or red, highlighted or not, people keep asking me, ” who styles your hair” ? When it comes to Hair and Beauty, Lauren is a true artist!!! Not only would I not let anyone else style, cut, color or perm my hair, only Lauren can wax my eyebrows as well.
 Donna Williams

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