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Estilo Dance Showcase

September 30th, 2013

While I can be creative in designing unique masterpieces on a bride’s hair and radiant soft make-up to enhance her beauty, I can take that creativity up a few notches with stage hair and make-up! The fun part about doing make-up for a stage performance is that it HAS to be bold. While soft and more natural looking makeup looks great up close and in pictures, it would be completely lost once a girl is dancing on a stage at a far distance. The challenging part of this with hair is creating unique and creative styles that compliment the costume and type of dance without taking away from the performance and most importantly… STAY IN PLACE!! With runway and photoshoots I can often be super creative and pretty much anything goes, but I don’t have to worry about heads whipping about sending bobby pins (and maybe some hair accessories or extensions) flying!

Estilo hair

Last weekend I got to break out the glitter and rhinestones to do up six girls in a group Bachata performance at the Estilo Dance Studio Showcase. The dance was co-taught and co-choreographed by the beautiful and talented Amie Archut along with Kevin Ngo. The costume design and color was also chosen by Amie and complimented the routine perfectly. For the girls hair we wanted something sleek with a bun and braids that also stood out from the crowd. So I came up with an Idea that I had never done before and was so excited to create it!! Each girl had the same style but the braids were designed into different patterns. Also, each girl had very different lengths, textures and thickness of hair – from super fine to extremely thick and curly. The hair came out better than I had imagined it!


For make-up I gave the girls a bold, teal, winged eye to match their beautiful teal costumes. For an extra touch I added teal glitter to give the eyes some bling! The only time you can get away with doing a bold eye AND a bold lip is for a stage performance, but since the color was teal I decided to give them all nude lips which complimented the look. With their hair and makeup done the girls put their costumes on and looked AMAZING. I was so happy with the way everything came together, and so were they!



The group did an afternoon and night performance. I came back to watch the show and this group was by far the best! The girls and guys gave an amazing bachata performance, great work on Amie and Kevin’s part as well. Afterwards I met the girls back stage to congratulate them and take some pictures. After three practice runs and two performances each girls hair and make-up still looked perfect – mission accomplished! Even the next day I was getting messages from the girls telling me how much they loved what I did, that they didn’t want to wash their make-up off and their hair was still perfect after sleeping on it. Hearing things like that is the BEST part of my job. That is why I love what I do, and I do what I love!! 🙂



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