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Going Lavender – What does it take to get results?

February 13th, 2017

As a stylist, I often have people come to me wanting a big change – such as this one – and right now, mermaid hair is all the craze! Pastels and grey tones are highly desired but most people do not understand what it takes to achieve those tones, or what goes in to the process of a corrective color in general.

Very rarely does anyone come to me with virgin hair (hair that has NEVER had a chemical service done to it)… and often they sit in my chair with multiple colors in their hair, box dyes and/or damaged to the hair – yet, they have the expectation that I can make it happen within a few hours, in one session, without loosing ANY length and without spending much money. This is false. I am a stylist who believes that anything is possible… but it is going to take time, patience, money and lots of TLC!!

Let me tell you a little about this before photo that you cannot see: There are subtle differences in color throughout the hair. Some of the hair is virgin, Some of it has been previously professionally colored and much of the hair has been colored using an almost black “box” dye. The hair lengths are uneven and a good portion of the ends are already damaged.

We did this process in one session – which was 8 HOURS long. Dark colors and reds can be extremely stubborn to lift out of the hair, especially box dyes. To get her hair light enough for the purple I had to lighten her hair multiple times. In order to keep the integrity of her hair (and save as much length as possible), I did treatments on her hair before, in between and after the process including Olaplex and Malibu treatments. After the lightening process and a good haircut (about 2 inches) she was finally ready for PURPLE!!

To achieve this color I used 3 different shades of purple from the Joico® Color Intensity line. I mixed colors for the desired result and applied them using a color melt technique. What this lovely lady ended up with is beautiful, shiny and healthy purple hair that was well worth the wait… and the extra pennies.

It will take 2 more sessions (4-6 weeks apart) to bring her up to the desired light lavender color, without damaging her hair or loosing more length. So lets break it down…


Starting point: Dark brown with multiple colors in hair, professional & boxed dyes on the hair and prior damage

Desired results: Shades of lavender purple all over keeping hair long (and healthy of course!)

  • Session 1 – 8 hours long – $500 (achieving results seen here)
  • Session 2 & 3 – about 4 hours each – about $250 each (4-6 weeks apart)
  • Entire process – 16 hours – $1000 (over 3-4 months)

So, if you come to me with a photo and say “can you do this to my hair?!” I am going to say “YES!!!” — Anything is possible, as long as you are willing to go through the process and pay the price. Trust me, you won’t be sorry when you are frolicking around with your gorgeous, HEALTHY new locks!

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