Malibu Treatments

A great way to hit restart!

Malibu Treatment is a gentile deep cleanser that will draw out build up from the hair – from swimming pools, hard water, product build-up and even toner and purple shampoo residue. It will lift out the copper that causes green tones from tap water or pool water (it’s not the chlorine!) while also removing odors from the hair. This treatment nourishes the hair from the inside out leaving you with body and bounce. It will also prepare the hair for color services leading to a more even color tone, especially for color corrections!

Malibu Blondes® instantly transforms natural blondes, bleached and highlighted hair from dull to dazzling. It increases shine, infuses moisture, restores vibrancy and reveals unmatched shine, flow and movement of hair.

Malibu Treatments are formulated with a patented, nature-identical vitamin C complex using 100% Vegan, food-grade, wellness ingredients without the use of preservatives, parabens, gluten, fragrance and no sodium chloride (salt) added.

Can be used every 4-6 weeks as needed.

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