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My Own Incredible Before and After Photos …

March 10th, 2015

I have been sitting on this photo for a while because, well, the before picture isn’t something I would normally want to share!! But, I know that I could help more people by sharing it – so here goes!!

I have been struggling with acne for the past 15 years. Many people have never known this because they see me with makeup on etc and I hide it well. I’ve tried everything over the years, topical and internal – retin A, proactive, benzoyl peroxide, natural products, Accutane, antibiotics, birth control, herbs – you name it, and I’ve tried it!!! Some things helped, but not much and there was ALWAYS bad side effects with any of the things that helped. Over the years I have also developed a lot of scarring from the acne as well. But 3 months ago my life changed when a good friend of mine introduced me to a new product called L’dara.

L’dara is an all-in-one anti-aging serum … I decided to try it with excitement about it’s breakthrough ingredients, holistic formulation, moisturizing ability and amazing clinical trial results. What I discovered is that it IS an amazing anti-aging serum … but it is also SO MUCH MORE!!! I think my picture speaks for itself about what L’dara did for me after only 7 weeks. Find out what can it do for YOU!!! 

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*I am wearing NO makeup in either photo …

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