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August 25th, 2013

A friend of mine called me late Friday afternoon proclaiming a “bridal emergency”. Her coworker was getting married the following day and she had gone somewhere for a hair trial and hated it. She asked if it was possible that I could do her hair. I happened to be working in the salon that Saturday and was booked with color clients, but I could not turn a bride away on her wedding day! I managed to fit her into my schedule for her bridal up-do and gave her all the time and attention that I give to all my brides. I did not do a trial on her and had never done her hair before, I hadn’t even met her until she sat in my chair Saturday morning. Since she hadn’t liked her first trial, she really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her hair. She showed me where she wanted her tiara to sit, and told me that she had no veil and wanted it all up. She put all of her trust in me at that point to figure it out and make her beautiful! This was no concern to me though as I had many ideas and went to work. She loved what she was seeing from the front as I worked, but I couldn’t wait to show her all of the detail in the back! Once I was finished and she saw it all come together she was so happy. She absolutely loved all of it and was so grateful that I was able to fit her in and spend so much time with her even though it was last minute. It made me feel so good to be able to do that for her and make her feel beautiful on her wedding day like every bride should. The best part of my job is not only to create, but to see the smile on someone’s face when they love what you have done… especially when it’s a bride on one of the biggest days of her life! It made my day to make hers. Here is a peak of what I did with her hair!


Harmony, Love and Elegance


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