“Vintage Garden Party” Bridal Shower

September 11th, 2013

bridal shower ideas

I went to a bridal shower over the weekend and it was a “vintage garden party” theme – what a cute idea!! Let’s be honest, who is ever super excited (unless it’s your best friend or sister and you are throwing the shower… then MAYBE you are super excited lol) to go to a bridal shower?? Well I was definitely excited [read more]


Get the right look for your wedding style: Beach, Vintage and Whimsical/Bohemian

July 3rd, 2013

When choosing a hair style for your wedding day, you want something that is going to work with the style of your wedding. Take a look at your venue, is it traditional or modern? Is your wedding indoor or outdoor? Is it on the beach? The most important thing to look at is your wedding dress. There are so many [read more]