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“Vintage Garden Party” Bridal Shower

September 11th, 2013

I went to a bridal shower over the weekend and it was a “vintage garden party” theme – what a cute idea!! Let’s be honest, who is ever super excited (unless it’s your best friend or sister and you are throwing the shower… then MAYBE you are super excited lol) to go to a bridal shower?? Well I was definitely excited for this one as soon as I opened the invitation and saw “vintage garden party” and “please wear a hat”. I love to dress up and I love the old fashioned styles. Right now vintage hairstyles and 50’s fashion are making their way back in, so it was not challenging at all to put together a cute outfit with a vintage feel using clothes and accessories that were all new – almost. I did wear real vintage clip-on, gold, love-knot earrings and vintage gold metal stretch belt, both of which were passed down from my grandmother. And of course, I wore my big floppy hat! As it was a garden party, in the grass, I wore wedges and a high-waist skirt.

The bride-to-be did not wear a hat, but rather a wreath of flowers which looked beautiful atop her long blonde curls and with her long, floral dress. She had a beautiful vintage umbrella to shade her from the sun. There were tents, tables and chairs set up in the garden for guests to lounge and as I looked around at all the girls in their floppy hats, dresses, pearls and old fashioned sunglasses I felt myself slip back in time! The decor was simple and authentic – I mean we were in a real garden, what else do you need? As an added touch, there were real vintage pieces that the bride-to-be had collected over the years. Cocktails were served in clear cups but the straws made them extra special! They were actually made of cardboard (though you wouldn’t know it) and were made to look like vintage striped straws… these were yellow to go with her colors, but they come in all different colors and can be found here. Another cool thing about this shower was that they had the wedding photographer there to take professional photos. What a great way to remember the day of going “back in time” with your favorite girls.

The only challenge to throwing this kind of shower, is getting the bride-to-be to dress for the theme! Get creative and it will be worth it. Here are some photos to get your creativity juices flowing. Happy showering!

vintage garden party01

vintge garden party02

vintage garden party03

vintge garden party04

vintge garden party05


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