Who am I ?

Have you ever asked yourself, “who am I?” I know you have… we all have. Some of us have no clue what the answer even is; others believe they have it all figured out… and maybe they do. But who are any of us really? Underneath it all… the hair, makeup and tan… the acne and wrinkles… the fit body or the out of shape one… the good job, nice house and nice car… or the job we hate and struggle to put food on the table… underneath our labels and our roles in society… beneath our insecurities, fears, hopes, dreams and traumas… WHO are we really?

I did a partner exercise once while on my Yoga Teacher Training immersion retreat in Guatemala… we each took a turn asking the other one single question repeatedly over and over again – “Who Are You?” Every time the question was asked, a different answer came out… then again, “Who Are You?” until eventually you stop thinking about the answer… about your labels… and sometimes surprise yourself with the words that flow from you in response. Try it… it’s super fun.

Who are you? Lauren… Who are you? A woman… Who are you? An artist… Who are you? A dancer… Who are you? A yogi… Who are you? A scientist… Who are you? A writer… Who are you? A poet… Who are you? A space holder…  Who are you? A seeker… Who are you? A faerie… Who are you? Energy… Who are you? Vibrations...  Who are you? LOVE

So, Who Are You?

Me… I am many things. And I am nothing at all. I invite you to come on a journey with me… to figure out together just who we really are.

You will learn a lot about me through my blog posts labeled My Journey where I will be sharing some my life story, adventures and insights. The rest of the blog will be filled with articles and photographs pertaining to the health and wellness of the Mind, Body and Spirit (nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation etc)… the Arts (dance, music, visual arts and crafting)… Beauty (hair, makeup and skin care etc)… and, like… Cool Science Shit.



♥ The Nitty Gritty Intro 

Ever since I was little, I wanted to “save” and adopt everyone… my friends who had abusive parents or drug problems, boyfriends, even my cousin. My dad used to call me the keeper of lost souls. I always really wanted to become a psychologist to council people… but I wanted to be a lot of other things as well. I graduated high school as a licensed hair stylist and was pushed by my very abusive boyfriend at the time to go to school for chemistry. I love science, and math, but mainstream science was not my passion and I wasn’t really sure how my degree was going to fit in with my desired career and dream of opening a Beauty & Wellness Center one day and writing books. So, after graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry and working in Bio Pharmaceuticals Research & Development for a year and a half I decided to go back to the beauty industry full time; while also figuring out the health and wellness side of my career.

Meanwhile, I was now out of that seven year long severely abusive relationship, but suffering from PTSD and other mental and physical issues stemming from the abuse. I knew that I didn’t feel right… and I knew there must be a way to feel right again… so I threw myself into healing. This sent me head first down my spiritual path where I landed in the soft arms of yoga, meditation and Mother Nature. Shortly following my spiritual swan dive, I realized that I also needed to get my physical health back to optimal in order to “feel right” again… so I also threw myself into fitness and nutrition. At this point I was back in school studying for a Certificate in Natural Product Manufacturing followed by a Fitness Nutrition Certification.

While I was working on my own healing and fitness, my career was still in beauty and I started my own company, Lauren Stefan LLC. I still offer beauty services and you can find them HERE. At the time, we did mostly weddings. I loved my company… I loved my brides… I LOVED my staff… and I loved my artistry work. But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy because I knew that I wasn’t doing what I was put on this earth to do… facilitating the healing of others. So where do I go from here? I was stumped. Then I read ‘Sacred Success‘ and I decided to just surrender (another AMAZING book on surrender is ‘The Surrender Experiment‘… I couldn’t put it down!!!). At the time of this realization I was engaged to be married…we had a house, cars, a dog and our own businesses in the same industry… and I left it all… except for my dog… I took my Kai with me ← click on his name to see him!!!!

I’ve spent the past 2.5 years working as a bartender and server to pay my way through training programs while also learning many more lessons about myself, mental health and the world we live in through the school of life, and another very difficult relationship with an amazing human. During that time I earned my Yoga Teaching Certification through an immersion retreat course in Guatemala. You will find many blog posts on that adventure, as it was the most magical experience of my life. I also became a Certified Health Coach and officially began my Health and Beauty Coaching practice… which will evolve into a Mental Health practice because GUESS WHAT?! I finally… FINALLY… decided attend grad school for… Psychology!!! I will be studying Somatic Psychology and Dance Therapy to become a licensed therapist… and I’m so excited!

The Ultimate Goal ♥ I am a healer of the mind, body & spirit… I specialize in mind and spirit, with connection to the body. Within that, I further specialize in treating PTSD, narcissism, trauma, domestic abuse and ADHD. I use both scientific and spiritual/metaphysical methods in a unique combination of my own to facilitate healing in these areas. I embrace the use of psychedelics for therapy and use them for treatment if possible (and legal). I have a deep understanding of neuroscience, mental development, narcissism, abuse, quantum physics, frequencies & brain waves, nutrition, herbs, plant medicine, psychedelics and Shamanism. I write books. I host healing/yoga/nutrition retreats all over the world. I dance and create… I use dance, creativity, art and music in my healing practice. And last, but certainly not least… I open at least one Healing Retreat Center AND a non-profit organization.

To pay my way through school, along with Health Coaching, I’ve decided to finally realize another life long passion of mine – jewelry making! After my YTT I discovered a new love for mala making and realized that this was perfectly aligned with my current and future path. I am currently crafting handmade and customized malas along with wire wrapped crystal jewelry and pipes… you can purchase them and help put me through school HERE. I will be adding more products down the line, including guided meditation music.

10% of all proceeds will go towards Domestic Abuse Efforts

1% of all sales will go towards Environmental Protection Efforts through our partnership with 1% For the Planet

I am more humbled than I have ever been in my life and I realize how much more there always is to learn… about the mind and body, about mental disease, about nature, about healing and love and life. But, I am ready to serve. If you think that I can enhance your life in any way… let me serve you. ♥


♥ Work With Me ♥

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

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